Roughing and final pass time off

Hello, i am using easel pro and a 1f x-50 cnc. I have noticed lately the amount of time easel says a pass will take will be way off compared to what my cnc says it will be. I mean easel says roughing up to 30 min where the cnc says 3 hours. Is there a reason for the discrepantse and is there a way to fix it? I am still learnning so really its not a big deal but if I am doing something wrong or there another way to do things i would like to know. thanks

@TroyGriffin, Am in the same boat but usually the 1F gives a shorter time. These days am pushing my feed speed up to 3000 MM/min for roughing pass so it goes fairly quickly.
The 1ftime is spot on every time I have watched it.

Easel is unaware of the acceleration and max feed/plunge rates of your cnc. As a result it kinda uses some pre-set data which might be off from the actual cnc’s limits and cause the time estimates to be off.

Other well-known CAM software allows the user to enter this data manually in order to receive more accurate time estimates. However these user-inputs don’t exist yet in easel and it relies on pre-set data.

You could maybe identify a go-to multiplier to use and when easel produces a time estimate you can apply that multiplier to it do get a more accurate time estimate based on your machine and previous actual run times…

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