Roughing and finish Step Down

Are you supposed to set the step down the same on your roughing and finish or does the finish have to be more?

How can you set it to where it only take off a little on roughing.
Like on small projects with tight detail

Would that slow things down for finish?

This question seems pretty specific to the software you are using, and based on prior posts you’re using carveco, most users of this forum are not carveco users and the guidance received will not alway be accurate for your uses…

You can get additional carveco related guidance over in their Facebook group or discord.

Now to address the questions you’ve asked…
What toolparth type is the roughing and finishing question pertaining to?
If its 3d then finishing stepdown isn’t used, and multiple z passes should be turned off…

The amount left after roughing is controlled by the allowance setting.

Will that effect finishing speed? Not unless you slow down the settings in the finishing section.

Multiple z being safe z and home z so I set to 0?

no, this is the multiple Z passes option, which you would want to use for ROUGHING only… For Finishing passes the only reasonable use I have found to actually turn it on is when carving a softer metal like brass, so if you are carving woods do not used the multiple Z passes option for the FINISHING toolpath.

Your home and Safe Z should be set appropriately such that they do not crash into the material or clamps.

why does mine say “z slices” and not z passes

start z surface:
last slice z:
number of slices:

because you’re looking at the Roughing Settings and not the Finishing settings that I was referencing…

Here’s Both:

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