Roughing & finishing question

So I want to carve a bowl using a bowl bit then I want to cut out the bowl with an 1/8th"or 1/4" upcut bit.
How do I carve the bowl part then have the machine rest for a bit change to do the cutout.

Probably one of my beginner questions with a simple answer, help would be appreciated.

You’d need to create multiple “workpieces” using the bottom panel in Easel.

I do something Very similar making these Trays with engraved bottoms. It requires 3 workpieces, one for creating the pocket (i use an endmill but you’d use your bowl bit) then with a 2nd workpiece I engrave the bottom with a Vbit (you’d skip this step) and finally with a 3rd workpiece I come back with an endmill to cut the shape perimeter.

@SethCNC , hey, thanks for being here and helping.
So I have the bowl pocket on one workpiece and a vine arrangement, for the floor of the pocket, on the second workpc, each with its own bit, how do I combine them, or force the sequence of carving?

Have been doing the design, then making copies and deleting the stuff for the seccond carve, then running them as separate jobs, My 1F cnc keeps the xy home and I just reenter the Z for new tool.
Been watching Pawpaw but he imagines that I know how to run the computer.& does not give keystokes.

Youd have to save as seperate files and run each seperately. Just like youre doing .

Easel doesn’t support bit swaps within one file like the other softwares (carbide create, Carveco, Vectric, Fusion360) do…

So yeah. Youve got to use multiple files…

@SethCNC , well thanks buddy, you’re no help.

Well not this time anyroad.
But thanks for all the help you give it is really appreciated.

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