Roughing Then Finishing 3D

So, I’ve never officially ran a 3d carve before so I’m wondering…

With separate roughing and finishing bit options, does the machine stop between the processes in order to switch bits?

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The answer is yes when the roughing pass is finished it will go back to your o position so you can change bits and start the finish pass.


Easel 3d is akin to running a 2 stage carve in the 2.5d Workspace.
The carve is actually split into 2 totally separate carve jobs.

You will run the roughing job through completion of that Job. The CNC will then go into an Idle state and you can change the bit, IF the gantry moves during the bit swap you will need to re-home in order to correct for the unplanned movement, then you’ll set Z zero to the same surface that Z zero was set to for the roughing bit, and then for X,Y you’ll select “use last” and start that finishing carve job.


My machine has homing switches. I always home when I change bits. I find that this gives be the best results. Even when I snap a bit, I can re-home and resume the carve.


Hi, everyone.
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