newbie here, got mine (1000) put together, ran the first test carve , ok but it moves in a rough jerky pattern, sometimes one y starts before the other y, its like it is sticking in spots, everything seems to be ok, I squared it up as I was building it and it checks out square now, all the little wheels move when I use my finger to move them, I have loosened and tightened the belt, no effect, I am at a loss. it just seems to be working a bit too hard, the videos I have seen they all move along smoothly, aint happening here, and its messing up my cuts cuz of the jerkiness. any ideas? thank you

Is that second Y moving under its own power? Or is it being dragged by the first one?

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I’m not sure, I think the motors are starting at the same time but something keeps them from moving in sequence. I’m going to take a video of it when I get home from work and post it in action, that would explain it better than me.