Round barrel top work

May of missed this but how do I set origin point in middle of work on a 21 inch top , I have been guessing square and it’s killing me , please help

Secure your round top to the waste board, then set home position in the center of your round top. I made an example of where you need to put the information that will be carved.
When you have an object selected the CUT /SHAPE tab will open up, under SHAPE you will see dots like they’re on a dice. Select the center dot and set the X and Y to 0.00 and that will center your work in the circle.

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It blew my mind when I learned about carving outside of the defined workspace as Russell shows!

This video is helpful on the subject, as well.

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I first learned about it when I had a few different things to carve and put some things in the blue area.