Round Pattern

I have several round pieces of wood (pine) at home. I have searched the forum and watched the videos for this but I just want to confirm before I actually do it.

  1. Set up my design in Easel.
  2. Select the entire project then select the “Center” dot as my center.
  3. set the x,y to zero.
  4. This will move the project off the grid and show the center at zero, zero on the grid. (only part of the design will actually be on the grid)
  5. Find the center of my circular piece of wood.
  6. Mount it to the x-carve.
  7. Center the x-varve to the center of the circular wood.
  8. Then cut.

Did I leave anything out?


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Sounds like a winner. Check out paw paw’s woorkshop on youtube he has several videios on this.

I have watched his videos. Just wanted to put out there as to what I was thinking too make sure.

@RobertDavet When you’re pretty sure you’ve got it, run an air cut (set your Z above the stock or run without stock material). That’ll show you really quick if you have everything set up correctly.

Doing that right now. So far, I think the setup is correct!!!

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