Round Surface

I bought a 23.75" round tabletop. It’s unfinished and I want to carve a design in it. How can I do this and have it centered?

Best way to do that is make your work zero the center not the left hand corner.


Just to add on what Wayne is talking about, select your object and go to shape, then select the center dot under position and put the X at 0 and the Y at 0. That will center your work and all you need to to is put the HOME IN THE CENTER OF YOUR CIRCLE MATERIAL.

Phillip has a video on this.



Thanks for the replies I appreciate the help. Sorry for the delay in response, work gets a bit hectic this time of year.

Would you happen to have a link to Phillip’s video?


Thanks for the link. While I found quite a bit of very informative videos I wasn’t able to find anything about this subject.