Rounded edges with acrylic and ballnose bit?

Hello. I’m working on a basic shape in acrylic that I’d love to have somewhat rounded edges as opposed to the sharp I’m getting with a straight flute. I know that many will say use a round over bit with a router after CNC but I’d really like to do it all on my xcarve, or get as close as I can anyway. Curious what will happen if I work in layered/incremental edges (with each going slightly deeper and more outward than the one before -I’m cutting 1/4" acrylic) with a ballnose bit? Any reason this will or won’t work as intended for a more round edge? And will a ball nose provide a more rounded edge on the very bottom layer too? Thanks.

Another option would be to bevel edge with V bit

roundover bit IN the CNC. You can do it witha ballnose but it will take ten times longer and nees a 3D path as opposed to a simple 2D profile path with a roundover bit.

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I use these end mills and they work great!
Simply set your tool path to “On Path”, adjust your depth appropriately, and they work awesome!