Rounded edges?

Alright so I’ve finally got the basics down and i want to start working on my real project. Making a box mod for vaping andni have my blanks all ready to carve. My only issue is rounding off the edges of my box. What bit would I need and how would I set this up in easel? Im attaching the pictures of my blank and then the general shape of what I’m hoping my finished product would be. Any ideas?

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That’s what I thought but I just wanted to see if there was a way to make this an all x carve project.

I’m not sure you could do that with Easel

Now, you could do it VERY easily with fusion 360. It has a bit of a learning curve, but once you get the basics, setting up a box takes no time at all. The holes on the sides will probably need to be done off the X-Carve, but you can get the profile done.

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I’ll check out fusion, thanks!. Just to be clear it’s the rounded edges that I’m worried about, not the shape.

Can be done with fusion, but it’ll be a LOT faster and more accurate to use a router table. You’d have to be dead-on zero with the X-Carve and your measurements, and if you lost steps you’d destroy a perfectly good blank pretty quickly.

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I guess I should have said that I don’t think it is a native capability of Easel (e.g. it’s not baked into the options). It would be an interesting exercise to see done though.

So I was going to experiment with the roundover but I can’t find any bits here locally that would fit. So I’m going to call around and see if anyone I know has a routing table. I am curious about using these cutting point roundover bits I saw in a shop bott video. I might order me some and see what happens.

I just hate that end mills are so hard to find locally. Good thing I have Amazon prime lol