Rounded top's

Just wondering if it will ever be possible to round the top of a carve,…I see edges can be rounded but to really pull off the 3D carving it would be great to create rounded object…or cylindrical I guess.

i would think so in any 3d carving software

I meant in Easel it would be nice!

Depending on the desired shape / access to proper mill bits you can use curved bits to achieve this. Like rounding off shields / plaques and what not :slight_smile:

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why people want to stick with easel for everything is beyond me…

Don’t get me wrong,it’s great for what it is (which is mainly pockets and profiles), but if you want high-end functionality, you will need to use high-end tools. And those are not free… as it is with everything in life.

Give them a finger, and they’ll take the whole hand

The inability to ask a question is the greatest barrier to learning. This IS the easel discussion board?!

Thanks Phil,…and yes I have many Autodesk programs, and live in my Inventor software. I figured that since you were able to use offset app and then could change depth by layer it would seem there could be a similar function to create rounded tops. Merely an easel question!