Rounding edges enter cuts are different

I had this questioned answered with what I thought was an accurate solution in early August, but after attempting I still cannot get it right. So any additional insight would be appreciated.

I have an 11.25 wide board (a 2 x 12) and am trying to round off the corners exactly the same on each side.

Each time I attempt to round off the corners, the rounding cut starts at different points on each side - Ex on the left the cut comes starts at 3" from the top and it comes in of the left 3.125" from the top. I have attached a pic with my blue square highlighting the difference.

I have taken many runs at this using both the centre to material function, and zeroing in on the centre, as well as using the corner radius tool. But each time the cuts start at different on points the left and right side.

Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Glenn

Most likely this is because your board is not aligned properly.

If the board is slightly off to the right (or even rotated a little clockwise) you will see this issue

How are yoh currently aligning It on the cnc?

I presume your using the lines on the wasteboard to align the board to, however these are very often not in line with the cncs movement, you can put a v bit in the cnc and then move it forward and back along that line and see how far off the line is from the y axis movement and then either adjust the wateboard, or square up the gantry to correct this rather common issue .

Another trick to reduce the effect of inaccurate alignment is to move the design to that the top left corner is the 0,0, and zero off of that corner, since it is closer to the area of the board being cut, the alignment error is multiplied less and it will show much less error in the actual cut.

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Another option, since it appears you are probably inserting the 2"x12" lengthwise into the X-Carve from the front to allow it to carve the top is to do the following.

  1. Get a piece of wood wider than the 2"x12", but it should be placed completely within the carvable area of the X-Carve.
  2. Make a design that has a pocket the width (plus a smidge) wider than the 2"x12" and carve it down to 1/4". This will give you a repeatable raceway that is parallel with the machine in which to place the 2"x12" for machining.

Here is a quick drawing to show you what I mean.


Brandon Parker


Thanks for your input here Seth.

I checked the machine and it is square (used a drywall square). I have also adjusted the gantries so they are square as well (same starting position.)

I’m afraid to admit that I don’t know how to change the starting position of the cut to the top left of the material - which I would like to try for my next test cut. Thanks, Glenn

I also ran the v-bit along the length of the waste board and it stayed in line.

This explains what I mean by moving the design closer to the origin 0,0 location…

Is your material exactly 11.25 ?

As much as you can rely on dimensional lumber from Home Depot, yes I would say yes give or take a 1/16 of an inch.

Hugely appreciate you and Brandon taking this amount of time to help. I hope to work on this further over the weekend. Stay tuned. Have a great weekend guys. Cheers

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