Rounding edges

Hello everyone, I am trying to have my projects finished with a nice smooth rounded edge instead of a sharper square edge that comes to a point. Does anyone have a tip, trick, advice, or knowledge of a tool that may be able to help me? Is it possible to round off the edge of something with the X carve? I can also provide a picture of what I am trying to accomplish if needed. Thank you!

Let us see the picture.

Okay, thank you! These are the pics of what I would like to have. If you look at the edges of the piece, you can see they are rounded instead or the 90 degree sharp edge I am getting on the X carve with a normal bit.
Thanks again

Use a router with a quarter round over bit


Another option is to draw your parts in a 3D drawing program. You can add the rounded edge in that drawing and it will be converted to gcode to cut it.

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Use a roundover bit, sdjust path offset and depth to suit.

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Check it out.
Lots of them available


Awesome, thank you all so much!

I am reading that it is difficult to find a roundover bit to fit this x carve. Does inventables sell one themselves? Thank you guys for the help.

Harbor freight sells a router set for around 20$ it has all the common bits.

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Great! Thank you!

You should look at this link which was linked above . If you have a dewalt, you can take a 1/4 shank bit. You get what you pay for with router bits. I prefer Whiteside and get them through amazon. You just need to use good search terms. Cheap bits are not going to last. I’ve had some new cheap bits that are duller than the used ones I wanted to replace.

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Great thank you so much, will do!