Roundover edges of panels


I use my X-Carve primarily to cut panels for mounting items on the dashboard of boats. I typically cut marine Starboard, a HDPE product, and I’d like to use the router to roundover the edges. I have an Amana tool 56144 1/2" radius by 3/4" depth roundover bit, I’ve had some success cutting a hand modified tool path around the outside of the work piece, but it does seem to be varying success. I’m wondering if others do this regularly and have a better way of rounding over the workpiece.

I have a router table and can run the piece through the router table with a bottom bearing router bit in that, but the material has a nasty tendency to grab and bite going through the router table, so I end up wrecking a lot of finished pieces.


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nibble at it, do it in three or four passes instead of one.
other software allows you to put that round over in the g-code like 360 and Vectric .

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The key to carving HDPE or any plastic really, is FAST FEED and SLOW RPM… and fairly often in order to accomplish these you’ll have to use thinner pass depths. So, give that a try, really ramp up the Feed, run the router RPM as low as possible and reduce the depth per pass by about 1/3 of what you’d normally run it and see how that works…

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