Router 2.25 HP

Greetings!!!My dewalt 611,sometimes doesn’t seem to be powerful enough to cut some things,just wondering If its possible to mount a BOSH ROUTER 2.25 HP?

Yep, i did this… Ain’t she purty?

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So you mount a BOSH ROUTER on the X-Carve ?if so I’m sure you had to alot settings?if you have a picture will be lovely,thank you so much

This is a Hitachi actually

It was dead easy to do. What would you like to know?

What I wanna do is replace the Dewalt 611 for the Bosh router 2.25 horse power…

I would check the weight of that machine with Inventables support. Might be too heavy

I can CNC aluminium with a 6mm bit full width 2mm depth per pass with a similar machine and palm router (800W).
Care to share your “some things” findings?

I ask sincerely, to see if lack of power is your real cause - or your requirement is valid.

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.75 Aluminum,it does ok for a while then starts to give up,feed rate,plunge rate,the bit Etc…all that is set up right,is the dewalt 611 not been powerful Enough,perhaps you can help me,if u know a solution with out me having to replace the router,Any help will be very much appreciated…

Maybe it doesn’t have to be the Bosh 2.25 hp…but something stronger than the Dewalt 611…that Bosh is 19.5 lbs…which a little 2 heavy…what you think?

The Dewalt has plenty of power for aluminum.
Your machine must not have any slop, and you should probably use something other than Easel to generate better toolpaths. There are threads about milling aluminum, and the dewalt is capable.
I think a bigger router might cause more problems than it would help with. The additional weight will amplify your X-Carve’s weaknesses (rigidity, Z-axis, etc).

Care to elaborate on the bit//flutes/feed/plunge/RPM used?
What are the symptoms when the carve start to give up?

The Dewalt, provided it is healthy, is powerwise plenty capable for alumimium. Aluminium on the other hand isnt a straight forward (compared to i.e wood) material to work with, with a much narrower work envelope and less tolerable to lack of stiffness/slop.

Like Neil, I dont think a new router is your solution - your issues lies elsewhere. To help you further more specific information is key :slight_smile:

The Bosch is nearly 3 x heavier that the Dewall. Check my post mentioned for the machine I used. The Hitachi.

I saw your post about the Hitachi…but which 1 is it??

He’s got links in that thread. You can’t miss them if you scroll down.

Hello,I know is been a while,but you mention b4 About you having a Hitachi router,sounds good will like to go for it,now did you have to get a new spindle mount for the Hitachi router?if so,can u plz tell me what I need to do,so I can mount the Hitachi router in my x-carve ,thank you

Hello. See this link

Stephen Cook on this forum made the spindle mount for me. It works so well for me. Happy to help you any time.

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