Router and bit square to the table

Hi- I’m a total beginner. I have everything calibrated except for one piece. My spindle mount cants inwards a millimeter or two towards the back of the wasteboard. I’ve considered placing a second washer on the bottom mounts but I’m afraid I will make it bind. What am I missing?



That is all you can do is shim it or loosen your x axes and see if you can twist it a bit to straighten it up.

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I think maybe loosen up the bracket that the router slides into and place shims in between router and bracket retighten. just a thought

Thanks for the inquiry on the spindle not being square, mine was 2.5 mm off the same direction. I took the shim suggestion and put 3 #10 flat washers (3.8mm) between the router and bracket. But the the bolts were too short (10mm) so off to Home Depot, bought two 5mm X 12mm sockets bolts. Put the bolts in and the washers in place tightened all bolts. It is much better now but still a few .xx mm the other way now. I will look for shim stock, but NAPA had none, I may end up cutting my feeler gauges up to use instead. I thought about drilling and tapping the router base and using two bolts to adjust the carriage more accurately. The shims did not require modification. Sounds like a good improvement for inventables.

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