Router bit diameter?


anyone know if is possible to mount 8mm or 10mm bits? And what collet should I buy?

I’m going to cut very hard roasted maple and 6,35mm bit seem to “flex” a bit while cutting.


Depends what router you have. Elaire offer an 8mm collet for the DeWalt 611 which I think is as big as you can go.

Yes I have the DeWalt 611. Do you know if there’s something availale in UE?

I think Elaire is pretty much your only choice here.

Oh, ok!

Is that one what I need? DWP-3150 8 mm N/A $19.50

I think the flex is more likely your machine. A solid carbide 6.35 bit will likely break before flexing IMHO.

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Yep, I did a test cut this afternoon and it does not flex, it simply “chatter” a little and look like flex. Nothing wrong.

I was in the same situation a month ago and I bought Elaire collet (8mm).
It’s a great product but you need to wait your order at least approximately 2 weeks for shipping.