Router bit plunges too deep

I have just upgraded X-carve with a new Z axis Linear actuator, and set the machine up again in Easel, but now the router cutter plunges too deep, I set it up to zero with the probe I got from Inventables and when I click carve it plunges straight down into the work about 1/4 inch or more, I can’t seem to get it right, the depth of cut is set to 0.02

This is what I got, I am wondering if it’s to do with the lead screw, wnen I jog the z axis it moves up or down twice the set ammount, when set to jog 1 inch it moves 2 inches

Thank’s Phil, I did read you linear upgrade topic, I will go over it again, where do I change the steps per min, is it in machine inspector

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Thank’s Phil, you have been a great help, I have done that and it is working good again, I have set mine the same as yours for now 95.500 I am now going to follow your post on fine tuning