Router bits and computer requirements

Hi Everyone,

Looking into ordering an x-carve in the near future. I’ve been looking at CNC’s for a long time now and I think this one finally fits the bill of what I need/want. I have a few questions before I pull the trigger:

router bits - I plan on using the Bosch router, and I have an idea to do some wood dishes with a bowl bit, it’s basically a 1" bit with rounded corners so it would carve away the wood but leave a rounded side similar to a bowl. As long as I factor in the width of the bit in my design and take shallow passes, can I use such a bit with the x-carve?

computer - I don’t have a spare desktop/laptop for this machine, so I’ll need to invest in one. I’d like a laptop as my shop is very dusty and I’d like to only take it into the shop when needed. Is there a minimum requirement for speed/memory for a computer to run Easel? I’m hoping to spend a bit less on the laptop if possible.


See here for Easel…