Router Bits and Spindle bits - what's the difference?

I have two Bosch 1/4" Two Flute Carbide straight bits that I purchased for my router a year ago. Are these the same as spindle bits and am I able to use them on the XCarve?

If your spindle collet will take a 1/4" bit and you pay close attention to feed speed and spindle speed you should have no problems. If you don’t have a copy of Gwizard I would recommend getting one. It will tell you the correct feeds and speeds for your depth of cut and width of cut. Get those wrong and tool deflection can break tools and harm your spindle if you over load it.


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@BartDring or @TaitLeswing do you guys know this?

Through another thread, the consensus was there is no difference but to simply pay attention to your bit style and material. Any more info is definitely welcome. Here is the convo: