Router broke my new bit I received today

The tool path I created required the z-axis to go down. All it did was float in one place as the path continued. It never stepped down into the material to make the shape. What am I doing wrong?

Welcome to the forums. If the bit never reached the material how did it break?

I moved the router out of the way after I stopped the program. As soon as I canceled the program the bit moved to zero on the part and the bit was lower than the surface of the part. That is when it snapped.

I guess i am not understanding. I think you said it was not touching the work piece but when it went back to zero but yet the bit was lower then your work piece. Can you post your file here so we can take a look?

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Not sure how to do that sir. I made this in Inventables software.

You can share your file and create a link through the Easel menu.

Here is what I would do: do a test with no material or bit. Observe the z motor and belt and watch for any turning without the router moving. Make sure you aren’t slipping.

Slippage normally occurs on the retract and not the plunge.

Giving it a try.

Still something major wrong with my Z axis. Doesn’t want to turn properly. I took video but I can’t upload here due to file size issues.

If you use dropbox, you can dm me a link and I will watch it.

Should be able to get you sorted out pretty quick.

Here you go


Make sure the black plastic block the screw rides in isnt overly tightened, it can skew it and increased friction occur, especially towards the extremes of travel.

The lock nut is not down tight to the Z pulley.

I just ran your projects and there is something weird in the code.

It immediately performs some plunge operation that is not visible in your image.

The error is in the line art for the elephant. I deleted it and it ran normal.

Redraw and import the elephant and you should be ok as long as no other mechanical issues with the z.

You have an open path and a segment causing Easel to drill down to full depth. If you have any slippage on your z, that is where it is getting you.

It is right inside the front leg of the elephant.

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Thanks for the help, that did it. :grin::grin::grin:

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