Router broke

Was in the middle of carving and the whole router just slowly stared to die out then just completely shut off and won’t turn back on… bought the machine in August so not even a year old. Not sure if it’s the brushes or a another problem Do you have to just contact dewalt or if it is the brushes is it an easy fix?

Brushes are consumable and pretty easily replaced by the user.
Put a sock over your router to make them last longer.

My Dewalt 611 did the same thing even though the brushes were not completely worn. I changed them out anyways and that brought it back to life.

I’ve read that opening up the yellow cap and hitting it with compressed air will help. I’m going to try that plus adding a sock next.

Carlos (Chachin…)

Awesome thank you! I never thought about doing that I thought it needed that airflow but I heard getting some saw dust in there is what messes it up as well

Most users seem to get 150-200hrs out of a set of brushes, assuming running at minimum RPM. Higher RPM use wear them down faster.

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