Router Frustration DWP611 burnout

I got my x-carve up and running around the first of the year. I went with the Dewalt DWP611 because it sounded like the better router. It burned out yesterday and I’m not pushing it that hard. It is on for long periods of time but I am using small bits and have to run it long times to get the cuts I want without breaking bits. (By the way if anyone has a rule of thumb for feed rates I’m all ears because I typically run half of what is recommended and still break to many bits). Is there a max run time before I need to give the router a break? The manual says it needs serviced every 100 hours, which really doesn’t take that long to reach when you run slow feed rates on larger products. Just frustrated and looking to find out if others are having this problem.

The 611 is notorious for burning out brushes. Many people are having this issue. As for feeds and speeds it depends on what you are cutting. 1 to 2 on the 611 is usually pretty good for speeds on most materials but feeds will depend on your bit size and material.

Yup… ~$20 on Amazon. Probably a how-to out there on the interwebs. Ive had to replace brushes on Dewalt cordless tools… no biggie.


When you order them grab yourself a couple extra sets. Its nice to have them around.


Yep, it seems that this design just eats brushes a bit. Swapping them is no problem, and they’re cheap and readily available. I actually have two of the 611s, one that I keep on the X-carve, one that I use as a hand router and backup for it. It’s about time for me to swap them out again, I think, I’m getting up on the 100-hr mark fairly soon here for the one on it now.

Thanks for the information. Hadn’t thought of replacing brushes. I was just frustrated by the lack of quality. Thanks again.

I can empathize. I burned through my brushes in about a month. Stalling out mid carve!
I was lucky I did not break a bit or worse.

Changing them is a pain too. You have open up the case to get at them. Fortunately I already have a set if the torx bits needed.
There is a coil spring that press them into place. I used a dental pick to pull it out and off to the side to remove the old brush. If you don’t have a dental pick a bent paper clip would probably work just as well.
Part of the reason the brushes burn out so quick is that the wire goes in through the side, acting as a stop when the brush gets worn down about 50% :rage:

I ordered a 4 pack replacement on line for ~$20, which came via US mail in about 4 days, though they had listed it as 7 to 10.

If I was going to be changing brushes once a year I would not care, but once a month?
Worse, I can’t easily check the brushes to make sure they have enough life to last through a full print.

So I got the Makita to replace it, which has “user serviceable brushes”. I still have to special order them but they are accessed via a quick release port.
I was able to reuse the same mount by making a shim out of a couple of plastic “For Sale” signs.

I am keeping the Dewalt as a router :slight_smile:

Thoughts on the Makita:
Larger RPM range
I miss the work light
I like that I can tighten / loosen it with 2 wrenches.
I wish it had a better collet, or that a precision one could be purchased.

I think I will eventually replace the router with an actual spindle. I probably would have done it then but I didn’t want the down time of waiting for the new spindle to arrive.

So I went exploring to see what all the fuss is about. 4 screws to take the cap off of the DeWalt 611 and the brushes are easily accessible. Pull the wires off, pull back the spring and the brushes come right out.

If you turn the motor and listen you will hear the brushes moving past the commutator.

Way easier to work on than drill motors or circular saws. Im good with the DeWalt 611. Some spare brushes for the eventual 100 hour replacement is fine with me. I’m a weekend warrior so this will last me a while. Every month would get annoying.

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Try Elaire collets for your Makita. I got one and it works like a charm.


I thought I had just been unlucky with my Dewalt 611; it burned out on a long job last week. I only got it last November. Took it into the service center, so I should see it again in, oh, three weeks.
Next time, I’ll just get the bushings and repair it myself.

What kind of burnout did you get? Bearings or brushes?

Pretty sure it’s just brushes.

Thanks everyone. IT was just the brushes and they were easily replaced. Still annoys me but I found them on amazon for about $10 so I got several.