Router hits carriage long before it gets to homing swtich

I just got my machine running. On initial set up of the machine I told the software that I had homing switches. The z axis spun upward but the router (Dewalt 611) crashed into the carriage long before it reached the switch. I just re ran the set up and told it I did not have the switches. The first carves look pretty good but am curious if anyone else have this issue. Got pretty cold last night so I did not get to investigate it too thoroughly. Thanks


Hi, there’s a stop bolty thing with a nut at the top of the carriage that needs adjusting. that’s what did it for me.

I saw that but I am several inches short of that. Thanks


If you are several inches short, then I think you have some other problem. Can you post a picture?


I will when I get home. Probably should have waited for that before posting, but man, this thing is cool and exciting

Pictures will help, but it sounds as though you may need to turn the router so that it doesn’t collide. When looking at the front of the machine, the router power switch is on the left, and the cord is on the right. Even maxed out, I’ve never made contact between the router and the carriage.

sounds like you have your router in the wrong orientation. This has happened to a few others where the router hits the top before your Z axis maxes out.

here is a photo in case anyone notices something

you can turn the router around in the carriage and there is a spot where it will miss the top plate. Also some folks have sanded the yellow casing in the 611 to make it fit. I have the same setup and just turned the router and it works fine.

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Loosen the router and turn it until you find the sweet spot.

The cord should be approximately parallel to the X rail, then the router should just pass the Z plate without contacting it.

Sorry I did not post, but I turned it a bit and it is fine. Thanks to all.



Same thing happened to me tonight (z smashed into the switch and is now stuck up there). See picture and let me know if you think the same thing happened.


Mine was a bit different. The housing of the router was hitting the carriage, well short of the switch.


@PaulRinguette - your wiring looks correct on this end of the homing switch, did you double check the other end to make sure it’s plugged in to the z axis limit switch spots on the X-Controller correctly as well? If you swapped it with one of the other wires at that end, the switch wouldn’t have registered contact during your first homing sequence, causing the z to just keep on raising up.

Also, you can get packs of replacement switches cheap on amazon, and might want to put a new one in there rather than trying to bend that one back into shape:

Touche, sir! I missed that part. Soft limits would definitely be a wise move.

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