Router insert plate

Does anyone have a idea how I can take the router insert plate that I have from Rockler and make a easel design for me to inlay it into a board as shown?
I am making a router table insert for my table saw and want it to go in to melamine.
Found this example on the web.

I gave image trace a try didn’t work well.

Thanks Don

If you place it on a white background with a ruler next to it, you should be able to get a good enough image to trace. The camera angle will need to be exactly perpendicular to the plate. When you get it into Easel, you can lock the X & Y aspect ratio and resize it such that the ruler dimension is correct.

Other than that, have you tried looking for a schematic of the plate? Making the design in Easel would be trivial if you had the schematic.


Brandon Parker

Thanks I’ll try that.

You should be able to straight up draw it in easel. A circle and a square (with radius corners) overlapping, then merge them together.


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