Router plug in

Am I missing something on power to controller

You’re going to have to be more specific…

The router gets plugged into a wall outlet if you are using the DeWalt.


Brandon Parker

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As simple as this sounds we stared at that thing a good 10 minutes before realizing its not automatic.
For automatic control though, do you just cut the plug off the end and put the wires for the dewalt in the corresponding holes in the back of the controller? We never figured that part out so just turn on manually.

You need a device between the controller and the router. Here is a link to a thread.

I had the same issue, its automatic, why do I have to turn it on? Then my buddy with the same 1000x1000 said, Easel is good, but do you trust it with your fingers to not accidentally/automatically turn it on? Left mine manual.

Although I don’t typically do it, it’d probably be a good idea to actually unplug the router when changing bits. You can get the switches in an in-between state where a bump might turn it on. I tested it and was surprised you could do it, scary.

yes but it’s sooooo much better when your shop vac and router turn off when the carve is done…worth a couple fingers IMO

And…you can always turn the router off at the router’s On/Off switch if you have it plugged/wired into an automatically controlled relay; just remember to turn it back on after changing the bit or maintenance action.


Brandon Parker

thanks for that. Silly on my end