Router Plunged

I have Xcarve and installed new risers to cut thicker material. The first time I used it, I zero out the machine setting. when I set it to carve, it plunged through the material and clear into the deck of the table. I checked my settings then tried it once again and with the same results. I’m trying to do a 3D carving and my material is 1/2 inch and I don’t know why it plunged down to 3/4 of an inch when my settings are set to 1/2 inch.

any chance the z lifts up too high at the start (due to safety height(s)) and then looses steps then plunges down further than programmed…

Also I’d check for loose wires as a loose wire could cause the Z to fall and it kinda looks like a plunge move…

I have the machine set up to carve. I have my project ready to carve and probed. When I start to carve, the Z axes moved the router strait down then carves through the material and table?

but when you jog it works correctly and when you probe it moved correctly? if so then the direction of travel would be set correctly… can you post a video of this happening?

fyi this is the upload button (many have trouble finding it)

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