Router problem

My Dewalt router for my X-carve stopped working. 2 months and Bam! stopped mid-carve and broke the bit.

Check the brushes, they wear out.

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Michael, unless you are running the router on setting 10, 24 hours a day for 2 months I doubt it is the brushes. I’ve had my router for ~2 years and have yet to change the brushes.

Did the lights also go out under the router?
How are you controlling the router? Manual or Auto?
If Auto, perhaps it was just turned off due to a bad connection.
If Auto, if you plug it in directly to another outlet does it work correctly?

light on, auto, recommended settings, plugged in to different outlets,

and small projects 30 min to over1 hour

what speed do you guys run the router at, RPM’s?4 5 6?

I never go over 1.

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Speed 1 on the Dewalt 611…

That’s technically still faster than you want it to be going, but it works.


Brandon Parker

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Cool ty

Almost always on setting 1. The Dewalt is at 16k rpm on setting 1 which as @BrandonR_Parker mentioned is much higher than traditional carving. But we counter that by adjusting the depth of cut and cutting speed accordingly.

If you’ve never checked or replaced the brushes this video by @ShaneBell couldn’t be more straight forward.


There are several reports here on this forum where the brushes need to replaced after 100-200hr of use.
Some more, some less. It would be the first thing to check / easy enough to rule out.

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