Router problems

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I am back with an issue that I hope the family can help me out with. Im assuming that I am having an issue with my Z Axis because my router does not raise all the way up before it goes to make another plunge. I moved the router up out of the holder some to see if that fixed the problem and it did not. My router will finish with its drawing and when It raises up out of the wood to go to the next hole or part of the project it doesn’t come all the way up and it will start cutting as soon it comes up. It like the bit is being dragged to the next path. Instead of plunging where it is supposed to plunge.

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Sounds like you need to increase your safe Z height.

Can you instruct me on how to do that?

If this is a new development, and it was working properly but now isn’t, check that the tiny grub screw (set screw) in the pulley hasn’t come loose.

From this page of the assembly instructions:

Are you using Easel?

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Yes I am using Easel. And this screw is tight

I’m sorry but I can help you with Easel.
I use Vectric desk top and there is a safe Z height setting that you can control the clearance with.
I’m only assuming that Easel would have something along the same lines.
Someone that uses Easel should be able to provide an answer.

To change the safe height in easel click the tab that says machine and then advanced it should be set to .15 as a standard setting

Thank You

Thank you for your assistance