Router relay not triggering

Im new to the xcarve and cnc in general. The xcarve is working great. I ventured to try ugs with a raspberry pi. I barely got that working and decided that I preferred windows. I say all that in case ot relevent to my question. I bought a relay controlled outlet for the router and vacuum. I can’t get the xcontroller to send power. The relay works with a 9volt battery. I have tried triggering with easel and ugs. Is there an xcode line I can enter to verify the spindle relay control is either dead or alive? Any other thoughts to test the board in the controller?

I have searched and exhausted any options or Ideas I was able to find.

Thanks in advance for any help you may give.

M3 S10000 to turn it on.
M5 for off.

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That worked. I appreciate the fast response. I searched for an answer for at least 3 hours. I should have just asked.