Router shakes when cutting

Having trouble router shaking as it cuts. Can be straight lines or curved. I tried tightening the wheels on the z axis but it doesn’t’ seem to help. I can put my hand on the router top and settle it down. What am I missing here? Thank you for your help.

What type of wood are you cutting and how fast? If you notice it seems to be way worst going across the grain.

Thanks Wayne. Hard Maple 60in/min

Forgot to welcome you to the forums. You are probably pushing a stock machine pretty hard at 60" per minute in hard maple. What is your depth per pass and what bit?

1/16" down cut bit, shows depth per cut as .028. It did break a bit when it was shaking. Thank you for the welcome. I appreciate the help too.

So its sounds like I need to slow it down a bunch?

Yes not sure how big the piece is you are cutting but if you could go to a 1/8" bit you would not have near as much deflection. That 1/16" bit is moving way to much in that hard maple. If you have a few pieces of scrap to test on you can get a pretty good idea on what works best. I think no matter how slow you go with a 1/16" bit you are going to have trouble with hard maple.

Roger that. This one had some small lines to cut, probably should have used a 1/8" for a rough cut and then 1/16 for final cut.

Do you mind if I pick your brain on one more issue? The z axis makes a “popping” sound when it moves up and down, especially as it gets closer to the top when homing. It appears to be the belt slipping. I’m guessing I have the wheels too tight putting too much tension on it?

If you have some small letters a vbit may be the way to go. As far as the z axes when it goes up watch the back of the router the yellow cap and see if it may be catching. Not sure about the new machines but when i got mine i had to sand a bit off that cap to clear the back.

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I’ll give that a try. Thanks again for your help on this.

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on the CNC itself, the first thing to check when you’re experiencing chatter is V wheel adjustments (eccentric nuts) AND Belt tension

Thank you SethCNC, I’ll make adjustments on that too.

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