Router sparks

Xcarve was purchased Dec 2019 and today the router started sparking. Anyone had this issue?

Time to replace the brushes.


Thank you. Seems like it should last longer lol

It seem most experience somewhere between 100-200hrs if speed is kept low (Speed #1-2)
Higher RPM may wear the brushes down faster.

If the machine is used often 100hrs come up fast :slight_smile:

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That should be engraved on the X-axis bar. Seriously you can burn the brushes at top speed in like 30 hours… BTW: watch the youtube video on how to do it. And I got into a bad situation when it happened to me, which was the spring came off the hook and spun around a coupe of times. There is no way to get it wound back inside the router. If this happens don’t panic, there is a small black screw to the right of the mounting plate for the spring. One you loosen that the entire metal bracket comes out with the spring on it. Now you can wind the spring Back to match the other’s tension (it’s really hard) and put back into place. Now it is easy to put the bracket back in and put the brush in). When you don’t have this problem changing brushes is a 5-minute procedure. Only 2 tools you need are a T-20 Torx (you can used a slotted screwdriver but it sucks) and some sort of hooking tool (I had a cheap set of dental picks I bought a long time ago for maker projects) to pull the spring off the brush and over the clip.

Note the brushes will turn your hands black - don’t worry it’s just carbon, but if you’re wearing a white shirt it will happily ruin that.

Here is an excellent tutorial by one of our own (all of his videos are great if you want to learn tips/tricks of the x-carve):

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I would add if you have a helper to assist if you have the spring problem I did, it makes it way easier.

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I recently changed my brushes and used a mini hook tool from HF, it made it an easy job.


Damn at that price how can they even put that in a package? Those look perfect.

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