Router Speed Controller for Dewalt DWP 611

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I haven’t seen anyone attempt to use an ordinary 120V motor speed with their Dewalt 611. I’m wondering how significant a loss it would be for the router to lose it’s internal soft-start controller in exchange for the use of one of these speed controllers. This controller is not compatible with the 611 without taking it apart and modifying some wiring. But, this is detailed in the installation instructions for the SuperPID, which also replaces the Dewalt’s internal controller in exchange for an RPM feedback control system. There are instructions scattered around the internet for modifying the Dewalt for external speed control. The SuperPID is obviously the ideal solution, but the price tag is intimidating. I need to machine plastic, and the 16,000rpm minimum on the 611 is way, way too fast for what I’m doing. So, how would you feel about connecting your 611 to one of these “cheap” speed controllers in a similar fashion?

I’m doing styrene sheet on 1 and so far so good. The bit has to be sharp or it definitely gums up.

I’d definitely be interested in slowing it down a bit.

What is your feed rate? I need to do precise detail engraving into acrylic. I had my 611 sitting at a 1 and used a feedrate of 30 or 35 IPM, if I remember correctly. I could bump it up to 40, 50, or more, but I’m concerned about accuracy. I guess before I start tearing my router to pieces I aught to do a bit more experimentation with feedrates.

My feedrate with a 1/32 2 flute fishtail bit in white styrene sheet is .015 doc and 20 ipm.

When I engrave with a v-bit, it is .005 doc and 60 ipm.

Oh wow, maybe I have just been babying my system at 30 ipm. I’ll try doubling that tonight and see what happens. Thanks JDM.

I also think that the soft start is easier on the X & Z axis assemblies. You don’t want a lot of instantaneous torque tweaking your carriage. There’s a ton of “right hand rule” going on when you spin one up…

I’ve considered that, but I also wonder what the lowest speed out of one of these cheap, dumb controllers might be. Turned all the way to Low, it might actually shut off the router, enabling you to slowly manually ramp the speed up to avoid that violent start scenario. This router speed controller on Amazon claims “0 to Full Adjustment,” and if the harbor freight does the same it’d be an option, albeit sloppy.

EDIT: Heeey, that Amazon speed controller even goes as far as to claim “full power and torque at all speeds.” Decent reviews, too. And it’s over $100 less than a SuperPID.

I’ve also seen the Rockler router speed controller mentioned in this forum before. It was dismissed because it isn’t compatible with Soft-Start routers, like the 611, but it should be usable with a modification similar to the SuperPID installation.

The Amazon router controller also does not work with soft start or variable speed routers :disappointed:

Rick, it doesn’t work with them because a “soft start” router has an internal speed/torque controller. The Dewalt611 can be modified with a few cut and soldered wires to no longer be soft start; the internal controller can be bypassed.

I know. I just don’t really want to hack apart the D 611 I am using as it is “technically” not mine.

Lol, it is technically going to be yours before long when you burn the brushes out of it :smiley:

I have a Super PID on my dewalt and it works flawlessly.

Bob, can you share a wiring diagram for your Pid setup running your Dewalt. A few photos would be nice as well.

Thank you

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Do you always keep your Dewalt 611 speed at 1? I am new and want to make sure I don’t go breaking all my bits as I am learning right off the bat.

Thank you.