Router Upgrade for 1/2” shank

Hi there,

I’m currently using the DeWalt 611 but would like to use some half inch mill ends for a production wood part. Does anyone know how to get a 1/2” shank bit working on the xcarve?


You “can” make an adapter by turning the router side of a 1/2" shank extension down to 1/4" on a lathe, BUT, and that’s a BIG BUT, it is not advisable. You have to remember that tools are designed with their shank, spindle HP, and overall machine in mind. The DeWalt 611 might not have enough torque for the tooling you have in mind, and the tool might exert enough force on the adapter to shear it off. Just remember that carbide flying through the air cuts people just as well as pretty much anything else.

It would most likely be a better option to find an appropriate tool with the shank size to match the DeWalt 611 or smaller with an adapter.


Brandon Parker

The most common way to be able to use 1/2" shanks is to replace the '611 with either a air/water cooled spindle or by buying different router such as the Hitachi VC12 router and even the Bosch 1617 router Going this route means that you will need to purchase some aftermarket mounting rings and (if you don’t have it now) a better Z axis such as the “Newby” one. Search for “Hitachi” here on the forum and you will get plenty of ideas on how this system works. I personally have the Hitachi/Newby set up and really like it alot. If you do decide to go this route I would seriously consider purchasing a “Muscle Chuck” to replace the Hitachi or other routers spindle nut. It’s a bit pricey but well worth the expense. No more fumbling with wrenches trying to change the tooling.

I think you’d have to modify the Z axis to accept a larger router. I’d be concerned about the extra weight that choice would have on the machine. I have a portercable 690 on my other router, but it has a more rigid structure with linear guides as opposed to v wheels.

My idea was to get a slightly larger router and the linear z axis from tbdcnc. I’ll have to see if their setup will accept the hitachi, which seems like a good solution. Thanks for your input

You won’t regret it.Do you have extended Y axis plates? Adding these will also add greater capacity if you wish to machine thicker parts.

I do. However the person I purchased the machine from didn’t get the upgraded z axis so the bed is too low leading to major z axis torque wobble. I had to raise the bed up in the meantime. :man_shrugging: