Routing a bullnose profile on a board

Just getting started with my newly finished X-carve. One thing I’d like to do is route a bullnose profile on the edge of a board, all around. The bullnose bit is slightly longer than the thickness of the material so I realize I’ll have to raise the material up off the board about 1/2" and that’s no problem. But being new to this I’m not quite certain how to bring the bit into the material from the outside so it creates a centered profile around the complete edge. Not cuts seem to be top-down, this one is outside-in, if that makes any sense. Thanks for any help with this :slight_smile:

Save yourself the effort, just use the bullnose on the regular router.


If you have Vectric V Carve you can add lead in and lead out to a tool path.
But I agree with D Jim a regular router would be much quicker.

I get what you are saying as that is how I do it now, to route a bullnose. However as these have radiused corners I have to create a routing template and double-stick tape that to every piece I do. For a wide variety of shapes that I am going to be doing this is a very time-consuming process made worse by having to create a template for each one. What I am looking to do is be able to produce this edge on custom shapes, easily. So leaning how to do this on the X-Carve would be extremely beneficial. Thanks.

I’ll look at Vectric V Carve, obviously it would be nice to be able to do this without additional expense and a learning curve, but I will look into this as well.