Routing holes

Can Easel drill or rout a tapered hole?

Definitely not in Easel. I suspect you may have to design the hole in some sort of cam program and then send the gcode to the x-carve

A 3D program ( Rhino for one example) would allow you to draw a cone shape. You would need a CAM program, like Meshcam or others to convert that drawing into gcode though.

You could accomplish it in Easel but extremely limited.

It now has drill toolpaths so you set that up but then you put in a tapered bit to match the tapered hole you want. They do make tapered bits of varying degrees.

There’s another easel option. Set up for a 2 bit carve. Use a V-Bit to cut the taper out like your cutting out a small round recess. Set up an upcut bit for the actual hole inside the recess. You will be limited to the bit geometry you have but I did this for a small game board I made that allows for marbles or pegs. It worked fine but again, it’s a shortcut limited to your imagination and your bit sizes. Good luck ! Hope you can figure it out !

Thanks to everyone who replied! I really don’t want to spend a lot of cash on an expensive cad program right now. I guess Easel Pro won’t work either? It sounds like the best idea then is to rout the hole the size of the smallest diameter and find some tapered drill or router bits that are the tapered size hole that I want. Anyone know of a good source for a specialty bit like that?

Fusion360 is free (untill you make >$100k/year) and can do anything you desire.

You can make it in Easel also but require you to stack 2D circles with difference in diameter/carve depth to construct a cone.