Routing Using X-Carve

Hi Guys
what are the steps I take if I have to “rout” edges that I just cut.
lets say I just finished cutting wood using an end mill, and I need to use chamfer or cove the edges is it possible to use the X-Carve for that and how?

You could do this, it would depend on the software you are using and if you have the right bits. I posted about a work around that you could do with Easel, it depends on how complicated you want to get.

It looks to me like it can be tricky if you try to do that, too much chance for human calculation error (in my opinion). You can get a little router table and router from the big box store for $100 or so, just get a bit to do the edge you like and run it across the table. Probably a lot faster and easier to do that, since you don’t have to worry about moving clamps, hoping tape keeps it from moving, or having the wasteboard not quite perpendicular to the spindle.

Or, use the machine to cut the holes in a piece of plywood, add a fence and use that for a router table.

I do this with a 90 degree V bit or a point round over bit. If I use Easel then I just switch the fill on a shape to outline (on the line) and have it go back over the design at a new depth that suits the specific bit and rout that you have chosen.

Here is a video of the same process: