RTR Build Notes and Assembly Suggestions

Mostly a placeholder right now, intend to format and organize better in the long run with some assembly suggestions as I proceed.

1m Xcarve, 24v 300w spindle, limit switches, NEMA23, ACME screw, drag chains, wasteboard, PSU and controller, toolkit and holddowns ordered.

In no particular order so far:

  1. I mounted drag chain end link to X carriage bracket with drag chain attached so I could verify direction of wrap. Cable tied into a coil to stay compact while continuing
  2. ditto for drag chain on Y end plate
  3. Installing the Y end plate motors with the screws just under the smooth idlers was a pain - might be easier if either order reversed or screws shortened 2mm or so.
  4. Z axis slide direction of 2-slide face is clear, any need to care about which side the single-slide ends up on not as clear. (Vertical rotation of slide part about Y axis). Pics in this step show both.
  5. Like others before me I’ve used 22-18AWG #10 stud high temp spade solder on terminals and 3/16 or so shrinkwrap on all motor wires (mine were the ones with the pigtailed wiring, not the connectors).
  6. I elected to mount the spindle plate and leadscrew atop the X carriage after the gantry assy, before mounting gantry onto Y axes. Let me do the Z axis wiring to the 2x10 terminal while I had easier access to move the gantry around.
  7. Please move mounting of the Z-axis limit switch after leadscrew and z axis motor installation. Cut my hand on the protruding terminals and risked damaging the z-axis switch lever while wrenching the motor in and tensioning the belt.
  8. Wiring tying the 2 Y motors together thru the X axis… I just pushed one end of the whole spool thru, stripped/soldered terminals/attached/ziptied at the first side, then cut for the other side, vs. precutting 5 ft piece which would have been wasted. (I also upgraded to shielded 16x4 for this wire since power on Y axis has to be shared to 2 motors, probably unnecessary but made me feel better).
  9. Intend to wire everything coming out of drag chains to terminal blocks located to one side of wasteboard, then wiring to these blocks from power supply, for easier upgrades/modification and mounting of PSU and electronics below.