Rubber Band Gun

I just wanted to share my build of a rubber band gun build that I have been working on over the past month. I am still making revisions to the gun to help with assembly and the functionality. Some of the issues I am running into are the spinning of the barrel tends to jam once it gets going and over spins. Take a look and let me know if you have any ideas on improvements that might help with the string over spinning.



Interesting model.

Terrific design and the picture of your table full of parts is kind of funny. I a little bit am picturing Tuco in the gun shop from the Good the Bad and the Ugly.

Is it spinning too freely. Need more friction?

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It is definately an issue of spinning to freely. I just need to come up with a better way to add friction to the barrel the current meathod does work but looks a bit odd and I am really tring to get a good look as much as functionality.


Baltic Birch plywood will be stronger and likely more layers.
Keep us posted on your development.


Just wanted to post an update have another video out there on this build. I am going to add one or two more focusing on the electronics and the mechanical functioning of the rubber band gun as I move into those parts.

This is a bit shorter then the other build video still around 30min though. I tend to get side tracked when creating videos!

Thought I would post the file so others could have a go at making one of these.

This was designed to be cut on a 1/2 inch piece of plywood and works best with a 5+ layer sheet of such as Baltic Birch. It was laid out to to fit my machine which is the X-1000mm by Y-1800mm frame. If you do not have this size machine you would need to re-lay it out but be cautions when moving parts around the tabs shift all over the place when re-arranging. On my machine I cut a 4 X 8 sheet of plywood into 3 pieces 48 x 31-1/4 inches to fit the full width of the machine leaving just a fraction of scrap. The main part of the gun is 36-1/4 X 11 roughly, so you will need a larger machine to cut this piece unless you try to shrink the design.

I still haven’t completed the build videos but hope to have them up in a week or so. If anyone does complete one please post so we can see and if you modify let me know so I can attempt the mod as well.

Thanks and enjoy


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Started working on retrieving some additional motors from recycled drill guns to use in my CNC rubber band guns.

Hope to finish all the electronics in next video.