Rubber stamp app

I have been trying to use the rubber stamp app but every time I try to import a picture or shape it comes up with the message
'Object doesn’t support property or method ‘hypot’
Can anyone please help me out on this.
I am fairly new to easel and I am learning every day.

Woody allan

I haven’t used the stamp app yet, nor have I heard of this problem before. Maybe, watch the tutorial that goes along with the app in the projects section to see if you missed anything.

Hi Michael
Thanks for the quick reply. I have watched Mo’s video a couple of times to make sure I am doing it correctly and I cant see anything different other than her Easel seems to be slightly different to mine.
I will keep persevering with it.

I checked and I am also experiencing the same errors. from what I can tell there is an error in the java script pertaining to a calculation. this would be within the code of the script and would need the author of the app to check and correct. I believe that it has to do with the error of “Hypot” which is a mathematical function defined to calculate the length of the hypotenuse of a right-angle triangle. It was designed to avoid errors arising due to limited-precision calculations performed on computers.

I know this is not much help but it seems to be the problem.

I Have watched Mo’s video yet again and followed her method exactly. Import a picture, tracing it and then I even put a heart frame around it as per the video. Clicked on the Rubber Stamp app and it tried to load the picture but came up with the same fault as before.
As per the reply from Kenneth, I think there must be fault within the program.

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Can you post the file so we can see what it is and test it. I bet we can correct any errors once we figure out the issue.

Hi Stephen sorry for the delay but have been away for a few days
I have attached a file for you to try.