Ruined My project - Help!

Hey guys.

I have had the 1000mm X-Carve for a few months now and I just recently hooked up my dust boot system.
Ever since I assembled the X-Carve, the z-axis has been clunky going up and down while close to the most raised height. It would be smooth, however, when the spindle was lowered.

Before the dust boot, I was able to z-probe and run my projects without the z-axis ever having to go up so high on the threaded rod. However, today I was doing a two staged carve, and when I put in the 60 degree v-bit for the final pass, I had to probe, then lift the bit high enough to get the dust boot on. Well when this happened, I had to go to the higher portion of the rod and it must’ve skipped. When it went down into the project, it went too deep and wrecked the design.

Attached are a couple of videos and pictures of the clunkiness, as well as the aftermath on the project. Can you help me troubleshoot?!

I have a better video that shows more of it, but it won’t upload. Probably because it’s 22 seconds long :frowning:

  1. When you job it up and down in the Z axis does it sound the same the whole way?
  2. If you have it touch the wasteboard and jog it up 2.5" and then jog it down 2.5" does it return to the same spot?
  3. Are the two screws on the black delrin nut tight?

Is it possible that router plastic housing is crashing on the Z moror plate? Looks real close and I think I remember others having this problem.


check your belt and make sure you are not missing any teeth…

  1. Up until this incident, that sound would only happen for the first inch of the spindle raised up near the highest setting. It wouldn’t really skip, but just clank. Most of my projects were just 1/2" thick, so it never went that high to really affect anything I was doing. Now that I have the dust boot, I had to raise it to that point. I ran it today up and down for your second troubleshoot question, and while going up from the board, it clanked for the first inch and struggled and skipped for the next top inch.

  2. After having the v-bit touch the board that I had clamped down, I jogged it up 2" because it was getting close to the homing switch. When bringing it back down the 2", it went into the board by about .1" deeper than the original positioning. This would match the outcome of the two stage carve that went bad.

3.In those directions, there is no instruction to tighten screws on that black nut that is on the ACME threaded rod. Am I mistaken?

I will also make note that this may be damage from initial install. When assembling everything together, the Dewalt Spindle could not clear the plate that the threaded rod goes through. Apparently this is a known problem for some on the forum, so I shaved the plastic down on the spindle to make it clear.

It originally did, but I shaved the yellow housing down just enough to pass it.

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Hmm. I don’t understand how to turn it. The only way I thought you could move the Z-Axis was through Easel, in the carve settings.

All teeth seem to be there.

Video 1

Video 2

Are you able to give Customer Success a call tomorrow 312-775-7009?

The is definitely steps lost in the video, you may also try to loosen the screw block so it is only “just firm” instead of tightly screwed to the carriage. If it is overtightened it can marginally twist yet cause great increase in motion resistance.

Get a Dremel out and grind down the router housing. It’s some pretty thick plastic but you can grind enough away to clear the z plates.