Run Time on X carve

Sooo new to CNC. Just got my x carve in the mail and am going to put it together tomorrow. Im working on easel excited to carve out many things. So whats the maximum amount of time its ok to run the machine (one job is taking 3 1/2 hours is that to long)? also whats the acceptable depth per cut on each bit?

Since I am making a recommendation my take is - for as long as you want provided you have it under supervision :slight_smile:
Keep it at speed setting #1

Regarding depth per pass, that is entirely dependant on material, bit diameter, bit type, machine rigidity and several other factors. I recommend you start with the cut parameters suggested by Easel :slight_smile:

Happy carving :slight_smile:


I have ran one that took 10-1/2hrs with no issue you just have to be committed to baby sit the machine. For depth of cut every material and machine is a bit different, a lot of it just requires some testing. The standard settings in Easel are very conservative. Stiffening your machine with upgrades will help to increase your capabilities.

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