Rural Internet is terrible. Time to move away from Easel. Recommendations?

So I had my internet go out on saturday morning, of my long weekend. After a lot of faffin about, my provider decides, that they need to send out a technician to replace my whole system.

All this wonderful chaos, led me to one major problem. No internet. No Easel. So I’m making the upgrade, and moving offline. Moving towards VCarve Pro.

The question is:
What do I use for a G-code sender? I’ve heard of UGS, and picsender. What have you guys found works best? and What don’t you like about the others?

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List of free/opensource communication / control programs here:

commercial ones here:

My favourite opensource option is bCNC, though I keep wanting to find the time to try GrblGru.


V-carve is the way to go, in my opinion.


I use GRBLPanel. I like it because it’s open source C#, so I can mod it if I need to (and I have) and it gives basically every feature I could want - jogging, adjustable steps, list of the gcode instructions, and it shows all the available status indicators (safety door, limit switch hit, etc). It’s not flashy, but it does the job.

Vcarve Desktop unless you need larger than 25”x25” (and don’t want to tile) or the few other features that are different.

I use UGCS Platform and I like the interface.

I tried bCNC and wasn’t thrilled with it.

I use Vcarve Pro and Picsender

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For a G-code sender I also prefer UGCS Platform. WHY? 1. I can customize the entire interface to my liking. 2. Functions are easy to understand. 3. The visualization screen is a great aid it confirming the code loaded is going to do what you have in mind. No more realizing AFTER the carve starts I loaded the WRONG file! 4. Adding macros make many repeated functions easy. I have one for G28, G30, Probe Z, Raise Z 1 inch, Lower Z 1 inch. Just click a button to send the command.

Downside - Customizing the interface is somewhat confusing. (But once set, everything works very well)

Tried Picsender but found the interface sort of clunky and could never figure if macros were available.

Try Carbide Create. it is free, has v-carve as well as local fonts. very easy to use very much like Easel.

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VCarve desktop and Picsender for me as well.

BCNC for features, but the UI is ugly.
CNCJS is really slick and is being actively developed.

+1 for vcarve pro and UGS.

I too live out in the country and have satellite internet which can leave me out of luck in storms.
I was reluctant to shell out the money, but it’s saved a lot of time and frustration.

Hmm. I think i’m going to give UGS, a try first. (It’s free, and you’ve given good reviews), Then i’ll give PicSender, a try.
From comments on forums, and FaceBook, these two appear to be the most reliable, and most user friendly.

Thanks for the comments everyone!

I just tired to download carbide create, Windows defender saying its unsafe. Did you have this problem?

no I did not. if you are downloading it from it is safe.

That’s a false positive — go ahead and approve the download, then use a 3rd party tool to check it such as

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if you liked Easel you should really like Carbide Create. it is a really good program, I still cann’t believe they released it for free.

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UGS is good I think, not without it’s quirks, but once you figure it out it is great.
The macros are awesome for saving common tasks like Z probe, front & center for bit changes etc.
Keyboard control for jogging.
Re-homing machine / work piece etc

V carve Pro and IntelliGcode are my favorites

We also don’t have cable internet.
T-Mobile has unlimited hotspot data for $25.00 a month on top of your cell plan.
Works great. I love having the internet in my pocket. My wife and I each have data hotspots
for our phones and routinely use 50 gB of data a month. No worries if you have a cell tower in the vicinity.
There are other unlimited data providers as well.
An alternative to purchasing expensive software and the dreaded learning curve.:slight_smile:


Fusion 360 & PicSender