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Sacrificial Waste Board

Not exactly a board but a waste layer to avoid wrecking up your original waste board. I’ve clocked in almost 24 hrs on the Carvey and the waste board is in pristine condition.

I used some thick card stock/craft paper to shim it up a bit. About 2-3 coloured craft paper is enough. I used different colours because it would allow me to monitor how low the bit is going kind of like tree rings. If I see a red colour coming out from the bit then I know it is going too low. You can use whatever colours you want.

I created another version which is a printable paper grid to project the grid reference to the top and expose any mounting holes. This will allow me to use the same paper waste board for smaller materials.

Another plus is it corrects the difference between inches 3, 4 and 5. As you can see with the ruler it is slightly off. If you prefer mm you can make one specifically for mm and covert the waste board to mm.



sweet man I am curious though how do you level that spoil board?

Here is one i made for my machine yesterday and i was able to perfectly level it to the gantry

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Looks good but we are talking about 2 different machines here. You’ve got the X-Carve this is the Carvey forum. Carvey comes factory leveled.

would you share the PDF for this? It’s a good idea, especially since we don’t know the cost to replace the waste board

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This looks really helpful.

@GuyNgo, do you mind posting a PDF (or the source file of what you used to create it with) to a public share somewhere?



Just wanted to bump this thread and ask if you had a PDF you could share? Shot in the dark I know, but I figured I’d ask before creating my own :slight_smile:

Just a follow up for anyone who lands here - I drew up an SVG of the waste board from the inventables datasheet so it can be printed/laser cut easily :+1: carvey-wasteboard

Final follow up - I’ve created a ‘wasteboard protector’ that can be laser cut to protect your wasteboard, get it while its hot (204.7 KB)