Sacrificial wasteboard

since the inventables wasteboard is so exspensive, I’m really nervous about doing through cuts.
so I was thinking I would use a sacrificial wasteboard underneath my material, which seems pretty common.
but my question is: do you have to include some of that wasteboard depth in your setting in easel?
wont the bit plunge into the material, when you zero it out?
because of that extra depth of the sacrificial wasteboard?

am I making sense?!

If you “Zero” to the top of the work piece then no there is no additional height needed for the waste board since it will already be accounted for. If you Zero to the waste board then you would just make sure to zero Z at the sacrificial waste board, not the inventables waste board.

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jeremiah, ive only done one carve so far.
it seemed to me the spindle moved on its own to the z. and stopped at the right height of the material.
is that true?

Like Jeremiah said you tell the machine where your zero is. If you put it on the top surface of a .5" piece of stock set material at .5"and cut .5" deep it’ll go all the way thru. If you zero to the top of your waste board then add material on top of that using the same settings .5 stock .5 in easel .5 cut you will cut all the way thru your material and .5" into your waste board.


To answer your questions directly:

No, you do not need to include some of that wasteboard depth in your setting in easel.

No, your bit won’t plunge into the material.

As others have mentioned, as long as you zero to the top of the material you plan to cut (work piece) that’s what will be cut.

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What software were you using to create and send code for the carve?

As far as I know, Easel won’t do this. Some other software might.

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I’m using easel