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Safe Travel Height and End of Carve NOT to 0,0

It appears that changing the safe travel height only affects mid carve movements.
The travel height at the beginning and end of the carve appear to be hard coded at a very low point.

Can we get an “advanced setting” that allows us to define what the actual safe travel height is for the entire carving process. I like using Easel, but I’d also like to be able to use what I feel is a safe height to zoom across my workpiece. I worry every time the bit gets down to just above and then ZOOMS across to the first cut point. It could damage my expensive CNC, it could break my not too cheap bit that I don’t have a several of laying around, and could damage a work piece that might already have quite a bit of time invested in it.

Similar to this an “advanced setting” to return to G30 or G28 instead of always back to 0,0. This is for repetition as well as for setting up carves that might need to start away from 0,0 (I set G30 to where I want to start) and stay away from returning to 0,0 due to whatever reason I might have.


Similar to this:

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Exactly. Doesn’t look like they ever addressed it.

I have set my safety height to 1" before and all it did was cause the bit to go up 1" between travels during the carve. As soon as the carve was over it was right back to skimming over the work back to 0,0.

It was an early thing I noticed: manual generated g-code example

So apparently as I assumed in that thread, the return to 0,0 is hard coded and doesn’t read the safety height variable at all.

I really don’t want to have to use a different g-code sender. As far as I am concerned Easel is “integral” to the X-carve.
It has got to be just a few lines of code that for whatever reason are not getting the safety height from the variable that can be changed by the user.

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That move is not added to your generated toolpaths, it is a default Easel motion after completing your toolpaths.

My opinion on this: CAM software and gcode should handle machine’s motion. The controller UI should do only what the user tells it to do. The only time the machine should be automated is when it’s running the code that I told it to. If I break something, I want it to be my fault. I’m usually smarter than my tools.


I second this request. I’ve scarred at least 2 of my work hold down arms already. Either allow us to turn it off, or set the safe height.


Where are you setting the 1" safety height, in Easel or your cam software?

I was just playing with this changing the last G0 command to go to max y of the workpiece, but the preview still shows it going back to 0,0. Just my 2 cents, but moving the router to max x,y would be a nice thing to do at the end of a job.

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It’s confounding to me that it drops from xy zero and then moves. Then does likewise at the end.

Completely opposite of what should happen, in my opinion.


Sounds like the development team needs to address this sooner rather than later.


It’s been 1 year now…any progress/update?