Safe Travel Height/Clamp Blocking

Feature Request #1:
Please move the safety height setting to the cut settings section. Currently it is placed in the machine option dropdown, however the value changes depending on the workpiece, and does NOT act as a global setting (such as machine size, or spindle controls). It would be much more convenient to have quick access to that value when setting others within the cut settings box.

Feature Request #2:
Please add clamp blocking to the simulation, aka “No Carve Zones”, similar to adjusting safety height. I realize this would be more complex, but leaving the safety height lower, and simply blocking out where my clamps are (width and height) would allow the Gcode to simply go around those areas, and would speed up carves (by not going back to a higher safety height after every plunge).

Thank you.

Please excuse if I’m posting this in the wrong place, or not formatting properly, as I do not post on these forums often.