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Sainsmart Geminitsu 3018 MX Mach 3 Help Please

Hello everyone and Good Afternoon from Spain.

I am new to this place and this CAD/CAM software but not 100% new to CNC as I have an Endurance Blue Diode Laser on a A3 bed where I use Lightburn. I also have a Creality Ender 3 Pro heavily modded (as usual) where I have been using Fusion 360 and Inkscape, T2 which I did not like so I purchased Lightburn which made all my problems go away last year.

So down to my topic please.

I have been gifted a brand new Sainsmart Gemintsu 3018 MX model with a Toshiba MC board from a friend who is hoping that it will aid my recovery after a long period of illness. 5 years.

I am waiting for it to arrive in the next week or so, it is their top of the range model with zero point device, limiter switches, baffles and lots of extras and comes with its own 5? watt laser and a MPG HandWheel Controller , lots and lots of bits and other items. I was advised to take a look here so here I am.

here is a link hopefully: SainSmart MX

Would it please be possible for anyone else here that has this machine or one of its variants or has knowlege of the 3018? to contact me.

I would like to know whether there is an option for Easel’s Cam driver to work with the MX version of the 3018 please or if there is a workflow via another driver.

This machine seems to very prolific now as even our Laser makers have now purchased a 3018 ready to accept an Endurance Laser module. (These will run continuously for 48 hours)

The board on this machine is specifically set up for Mach 3, I also understand that it will run via drufelcnc,

Sainsmart have told me that Easel should work but I am not sure at which point or even how yet that you can cut away from Easel and then send the files to Drufel, Mach3 or even if Easel will be able to use the CAM element to carve.

I do have a copy of Mach 3 be it a slightly earlier version than the current and it is on a long demo of 90 days to try and I have only just installed it.

Previously my experience of CNC has been on my Endurance laser and my Creality Ender Pro 3 where I have been using Lightburn and Fusion up until I discovered Easel over the last couple of days. I understand the concept but I have yet to engrave/carve, all my work has been plastic printing or burning and that has been ok.

As this machine was a gift from a friend to help me during a recovery process from a long illness I would really appreciate anyone out there that could help please as I have been finding on Facebook groups that people are ridiculing the machine and or stupid inane comments.

This was a gift and I would like to try it out and if all goes well then I will upgrade to a much bigger machine like a Workbee or even the XCarve depending on what I want to do.

Most of my work is on small items and for the time being that is all I can concentrate on simply because of limited mobility, access and strength. It is not for the want of trying.

I hope that I have written this my first topic in the correct fashion and right category, I know its long but I feel it necessary to tell all, if not then I apologise first and welcome advice second.

In summary “Please…how the heck can I get my brand new SainSmart Gemintsu 3018 MX to work in CAD & CAM with Easel” :slight_smile:

Thank you all for reading and for all and any help.

It is very much appreciated.

Neil Scott.
Sitges Barcelona CET 18:28
Medically Retired M&E engineer, camera boffin and general dogsbody…

This video from the TeachingTech guy on YouTube is packed with information and will likely answer most if not all of your questions:

Be advised that I’ve heard from several people that they’ve received various brands of 3018 machines with bad control boards, which I can attest is very frustrating.