Sale of carriage extrusion only - part 80028.prt.1

Is there any chance of the carriage extrusion part number 80028.prt.1 being sold seperately for those of us who would make the rest of the ShapeOko 2 upgrade parts ourselves on our existing machines?

It appears that the machining of the rest of the parts are all pretty simple aluminum parts which one should be quite capable of machining ourselves… but for the extrusion for the carriage.

Alternatively, how about publishing a part which could be made from 4 separate pieces, and then after the part was machined on a Shapeoko 2, the machine owner could then just bolt the 4 pieces together to complete the basic parts assembly necessary to upgrade from Shapeoko 2 to X-Carve? :smile:

Good idea @DasWookie we took some steps to make that possible. Right now we are kitting the parts as “modules” so they are fast for our shipping team to grab off the shelf. If we get enough demand from customers we will stock it as a separate component in the warehouse. We created a page where you can sign up and “vote” it in so to speak. Also you’ll get an alert that lots of people want it and it’s now available or that we didn’t get any interest and we’re killing the concept. How does that sound?

I totally get it. Economy of scale dictates what parts are offered and at what costs. :slight_smile:

I may try to design a part in CAD which could be milled and put together… It’ll be a while before I’m ready to upgrade my machine tho. I had JUST missed the X-Carve having purchased my ShapeOko2 on Feb 20th… then two days after my unit arrived, the X-Carve was announced. DOH! I’d have still likely had to purchase the unit when I did as I don’t have time to wait for the X-Carve to be released prior to when I need to start delivery of parts… and there is ALWAYS Next New and Shiny Next Awesome Thing!!! coming out, so that’s just how the timing panned out for me this time. I’ll CERTAINLY be upgrading my unit to XCarve specs when I go to expand the working area. For my initial parts, the 1 foot square working area is fine… eventually tho I’m going to need something closer to 2’x3’ tho.