Sale xcarrve

Hi looking to sale my ex carve, with a lot of assy, is built and ready to use! I just don’t have the time I needed, 1900.00 total

Where are you located at and what size if machine is it? Any accessories come with it?

750 complete pkg with tool kit, lots of assec and bits , not used but 2x, I just can’t get the time to use it!! I had my fiancé put it together, it’s ready to go— has several bits and some extra parts, I can take photos of it all and the machine

Still no location where it’s at or a price…

Xcarve 750 complete pkg, with tool kit and extra bits
Like new, used about 4 times!
It totally put together

Augusta ga

Purchased new total pkg and tool kit, is put together completely! Has several bits also-just have no extra time to use!!

Hi Sandra - is the X Carve still available? I am about 2.5 hours from Augusta. Can you send pictures? Thanks. Kyle

Hi!! Sorry, I got an email and realized the one I sent you didn’t go through, I’ll be home Monday afternoon and I can take more pictures, and make you a list of all extra tips I purchased, tips are brand new!!

Hi, just checking to see if you still want the pictures or if your still interested! Thanks, Sandra

Hi Sandra - pictures would be great. Thanks!

Hi Iv sent pictures, I have several but, carving and cutting, most new, has a tool kit and a reader to measure wood

So welcome

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